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Big Brother 13

Some facts on the new season of Big Brother Australia

Think you know Big Brother?

Well, here are some interesting facts on the upcoming thirteenth season of the hit reality show which returns to Channel 7 on Monday, April 26th.

The custom-built Big Brother house at Sydney’s North Head required a massive refurbishment to accommodate additional secret rooms and new challenge arena, The Yard.

Big Brother worked with the Harbour Trust to access the underground tunnel system at North Head, which features in his first secret mission.  

The house features sustainable plantation timber and LED lighting to reduce energy consumption, which were repurposed from other sets.

There are two living green walls at the house, outside and inside, with herbs for use in the kitchen.

Water saving measures include shower time limits and toilets flushed with rainwater. There are no hairdryers allowed, however hair straighteners and electric shavers are ok.

Housemates are not allowed to sleep during the day. Big Brother controls when the bedroom lights are switched on and off. 

Housemates are provided with basic rations such as plain flour, milk, olive oil, butter, potatoes and yoghurt, equating to approximately $8.00 and 1,300 calories per person, per day. Rations across the season include more than 300 cans of chickpeas and cannellini beans, 250 cans of tuna, 1,000 eggs and 14kg of oats. 

Housemates must successfully complete Big Brother’s House Tasks to earn shopping money for “luxury” grocery items and other food rewards.

Housemates are responsible for their own washing, cleaning and recycling.

Housemates can enter the house with one suitcase of clothing and personal belongings – everything else is allocated to them by Big Brother.

There are 65 cameras in the house, including GoPros and purpose-built set cameras.

More than 100 crew worked on the series.


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