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Big Brother 13

Tears flow in an emotional BBAU

Tonight on Big Brother, the housemates were feeling reflective after two months in the house, but with two big challenges ahead, it was time to get to work.

In the nomination challenge it came down to pals Christina and Ari. Christina crossed the line to victory and, after an all-female fight yesterday, thought it was only fair to send Ari, Danny and Sid into the second chance battle.

Danny hung on to take out the challenge, leaving Sid and Ari on the chopping block.

Channel 7

The boys scrambled hard and, in an emotional eviction ceremony, both laid their hearts on the line. 

Sid talked about representing immigrant Australia and coming into Big Brother to be seen, while Ari admitted that being in the house has changed his life and helped him realise he doesn’t need to put walls up to avoid not being liked.

SJ held the deciding vote and, in the toughest decision of her game yet, chose to save Ari. 

Channel 7

Now the race to the podium is on as the final five hang onto their dream of being number one.

“This is nuts, I can’t believe I’m leaving,” said Sid. “That’s the way the cookie crumbles. I’d taken a shot at Danny and it didn’t quite hit. I was happy to take Tilly out, his best mate, and ever since then he’s been gunning for me, seeking revenge. The best man won and unfortunately it wasn’t me. You’ve got to fight to the very end. I made the best pitch I could but you’ve got Ari who is a reformed person in the house. If I’m a betting man, I’d say Marley will make final three, Christina as a wild card and maybe Ari. Fingers crossed Danny misses out.”

Wednesday 7.30pm, after two months of gruelling challenges and heartbreaking evictions, only five housemates stand and everyone has their sights set on the podium. Danny’s played the game with determination and stealth, now he’s ready to finish the job. Can he make it to final four or is this the end of the greatest player Big Brother has ever seen?

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