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Big Brother 14

Recap: A snap double eviction?


Tonight on Big Brother, safe from last night, Drew is kicking back without a care in the world, spending some quality time with his old flame, Tully, as they chat about life and joke about giving it another go together (Drew Laughs, Tully is far from impressed).

Estelle lets Johnson and Brenton know that she is sick of Drew’s behaviour towards her. Drew tells BB that Estelle is his ‘biggest nemesis’.

For the Panic Room task, HOH Estelle chooses Aleisha and Gabbie!

However, Aleisha needs reassurance from BB that this task will not involve chicken’s (which as BB knows, she’s seriously scared of). They enter the Panic Room full of keys. To leave the room without punishment, they must press the green button, which is locked inside a box in the middle of the room, before the 3-hour countdown on the wall reaches zero, but they fail.

This is fourth Panic Room task the HM’s have failed, so their worst punishment looms, a SNAP eviction.

Aleisha, Drew, Jaycee and Gabbie are all on the chopping block and HM’s must vote to evict in front of each other.

Whoever receives the most votes, will leave the house straight away. Drew’s evicted. However, the Hackers are back and they send him to the Mainframe.

Drew offers himself up as a gun for hire for the Hackers. Drew can now see and hear everything going on in the House.

Jaycee, Aleisha and Gabbie face off in the second chance challenge. Jaycee wins and is safe.

The OG’s rally for Gabbie, while the newbies back Aleisha. Aleisha discloses to Tim that he is the swing vote and it comes down to him, to keep her in the game.

Tim asks for a TOP 5 safety deal to make this controversial move as he will publicly break out of the OG alliance. When it comes down to voting, Tim cleverly forces a tie break between Aleisha and Gabbie, forcing HOH, Estelle to do his dirty work and decide who leaves.

A deeply emotional Estelle votes out Aleisha.

However, the Hackers send Aleisha to the Mainframe with Drew and it’s a non-elimination.


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