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Big Brother 14

Recap: Housemates clean up their act for this weeks shopping task

Tonight on Big Brother, the house wakes up to a trashed house! Big Brother reveals their next shopping task, where the housemates must race against the clock and clean the house every time they hear the siren.

Each time they are successful, $100 will be added to their shopping budget. As the morning continues, the cleaning task endures, raising the stress levels of the housemates. By the time the day is out, the house earn themselves $300 total for their shopping.

Dave is upset that Trevor is gone, but he realises it might be time to take out another OG.  He talks with Tim about the possibility of taking out Tully.  Tim agrees and chats to Reggie and plants the seed of voting Tully out. Tully walks into the conversation, which Tim tries to conceal but Reggie says that Tully’s name is being thrown around, blaming it on Taras.

Tully confronts the housemates, Taras denies the accusation and Drew asks her to look to her own side, Dave in particular. Tully asks Dave, but he blames it on Tim. Tim is furious and both have a public argument.

It looks like OGs are going to implode. Tim turns his attention to getting Dave out, because of his double cross.

Channel 7

For Noms Challenge, the HM’s must compete in pairs. One HM places their head inside a clear empty tank. The other collects water to “drown out” them. When a player can no longer hold their breath, they signal and both of them are out of the challenge. Winning team is safe from nomination. Gabbie and Jules win and are safe from noms. *Reggie is medically ruled out and cannot be nominated.

Dave is stressing and apologies to Tim for the morning’s accusations. Aleisha gathers her troops and makes the most of the OG disruption, as they decide to take out Dave, along with Lulu.  

Dave, Sam and Lulu are all nominated and facing eviction.


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