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Big Brother 14

Recap: Housemates on a rocky road for tonight’s nomination challenge

On tonight’s Big Brother, for this week’s shopping task,-the housemates have to complete solo tasks to win $75 each.

The HMs win $300. But in one final twist of fate, BB announces that HMs can push it a step further.  It’s double or nothing  with the flip of one coin.  HOH Tim decides to toss and is successful, doubling the amount to $600- HOH Power Twist – Tim spins the lucky wheel with nine segments, each corresponding to a different game changing power in the final House Noms.

It lands on SWAP nominee!  After House Noms tonight, Tim will have the power to swap one nominee for a safe HM.  

Noms Challenge – In pairs, HMs will take turns carrying balls along a beam, stepping onto a giant round unsteady platform, and then balancing the balls on 8 raised targets. Taras and Aleisha win. This makes it Taras’ 5th Challenge win and Aleisha’s first ever Challenge win and the reality that they are now into the Top 7!  It also means that Aleisha and Taras (along with Tim as HOH) cannot be nominated tonight.  

In today’s scramble, it’s hectic as there are three safe Housemates (Aleisha, Tim and Taras) meaning the pool of nominees is just 5 HM’s to choose from.  Johnson comes up with a genius plan and he is a man on a mission to implement it.  His plan is somewhat controversial; to get himself nominated in order to raise votes on others (Gabbie & Estelle).

In the final House Nominations, it’s Gabbie and Estelle who receive 2 nominations each and Johnson, 3 nominations.  But it’s Tim who has the final critical say as to who he will swap out and takes pitches from the three nominated HM’s in the Treehouse.  Estelle pushes her agenda with Tim and drives to send Johnson home.  Gabbie pitches hard to Tim and says she will be his ‘Ride or Die’.  Johnson also pitches to carry their deal through to Top 5.

With his HOH Power, Tim is called to the Diary Room and chooses to swap out Johnson (who had 3 votes) for Brenton.  Brenton, Estelle and Gabbie can’t believe it and Johnson is stoked that his plan has come to fruition.


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