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Big Brother 14

Recap: It’s house nominations time as the housemates cast their votes

Tully struggles to get Drew’s attention, she approves of Drews new relationship, but feels awkward, like a third wheel. She also confides in Tim, who offers to be ‘her person’. however,  Tim is up to his old tricks, throwing shade on Tully for all the tears she shed back in their season. Tully thinks he’s being unnecessarily mean to her. Tim isn’t perturbed and continues to poke at her. 

It’s the first shopping task. HMs must battle with Big Brother to keep their full shopping budget of $800.

In pairs, they stand guard in front of a giant target in the garden, with only a shield to protect themselves (and the target). At random intervals, balls will fire out of several cannons, which the HM’s must attempt to block from hitting the target. For every ball they miss, they will lose $10 from their shopping budget.  

The HM’s do not fare well, losing $640 throughout the day, with the final trio protecting the target being Reggie, Jaycee and Drew.  Due to her eye condition.  BB makes a deal with Reggie, she will earn $10 for the house for every ball she successfully blocks.  Reggie, defending a barrage of balls and wins back an extra $90.  HOH Tully is in charge of shopping and takes Reggie along.  

Things heat up in the hot tub between Sam and Drew as they celebrate their one-week anniversary, whilst Aleisha runs over to talk to them about why Joel has not tried to kiss her yet.

It’s House Nominations today and the royalty are determined to knock out one of the newbies and decide that Joel is their number one target, followed by Lara and Jaycee. On the flipside, the newbies gather and try to pin-point a target, but don’t reach a consensus.  After taking out Layla, they’re keen to knock out another royalty. 

In the Nomination Challenge, BB announces they’ll be playing in pairs chosen randomly. They must work together to lift a heavy frame and keep it from falling to the ground. During the challenge, BB will ask them to lower their hands further down the rope, making it harder and harder to hold up.

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The pair who can hold their frame the longest, wins and will be safe from tonight’s House Nominations.  Tully is safe from House Nominations as she is HOH and if she wins with her partner tonight, both HMs will be safe.

Tully and Joel work together (and flirt in front of Aleisha) and bring home the victory.   Both of them are safe from nomination.

Meanwhile, the newbies want to take out Trevor but can’t seem to lock down a plan.   Confusion hits, as Gabbie’s name is thrown into the mix.   Even though they control the power and the votes, everything is falling apart. 

In a HOH game changing power twist, it’s revealed Tully has the power to save one person from Nomination before the nominations are revealed.  She decides to save  Trevor

Lara, Lulu, Jaycee and Trevor have highest number of nominations, but Trevor is safe due to HOH twist.  With three newbies up for eviction, they can’t work out how they screwed up the vote so badly!  

All three nominees will have the opportunity to compete in a Second Chance Challenge to try and save themselves.  The newbies do not know what happened, but Tim is thrilled with this outcome and has pulled off another mastermind manipulation.


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