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Big Brother 14

Recap: Sam is sent packing from the Big Brother house… or is she?

Tonight on Big Brother, another housemate is sent packing – but in a twist, the evicted housemate has in fact not been evicted at all!

Tim re-affirms he must take out the power-couple of Sam and Drew and sets his sights firmly on Sam leaving.

Panic Room Task – HOH Aleisha sends Drew and Johnson in the panic room. They’re faced with a room full of lollies and cakes. They are asked to enjoy all the treats on offer, and they tuck into sweets.

Their dream quickly turns into a nightmare, as Big Brother informs them, their task is to count all lollies in the room…including the ones in their bellies! They guess: 20,021 but they’re incorrect and fall short of 33.

The correct number is 20, 054.

The entire house must face a group punishment and are thrown into a ‘party cage’. With nowhere to go, tensions officially boil over.   

Sam confronts Aleisha about throwing her name up for nomination, then she confronts Tim for manipulating everyone, and throws him under the bus for saying he would vote out Estelle, upsetting Estelle.

Sparks fly, as Tim tries to defend himself.  Just as things couldn’t get any worse, the argument turns to Drew and the pact he made with Joel.  It’s going to be a long night ahead (for everyone!).

As the housemates wake up in the cage tensions are still simmering.  Drew and Sam patch things up, as he convinces her that Joel misunderstood him and the pact – Drew was referring to voting out the OG’s, not the ‘girlfriends’. Tim is baffled by Sam’s behaviour in the cage and Drew is now making some strong game moves, he is officially off the OG’s and plans to vote out Estelle.  

Johnson wins the 2nd chance challenge, Estelle and Sam are up for evictions 

In the scramble, Tully and the other OG’s plan to save Estelle, but both Tim and Tully have a difficult decision to make, given their friendship with Drew.

In the eviction room, Tim calls out Sam for attacking him in the cage and reminds everyone as some point, they’ll have to vote out their friends.  In the vote, both Tim and Tully turn their backs on Drew and vote out Sam!

Sam is evicted. She is distraught after saying goodbye to Drew. But is greeted by a party streamer with the words ‘pull me’ attached. Sam pulls the streamer and discovers Big Brother’s final trick for party week is to fill the room with confetti and cancel the eviction.

Drew and the newbies are thrilled, Reggie, Tim and the OG’s are not.


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