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Big Brother 14

Recap: You raise me up

After Aleisha’s epic blindside on Drew, Tim abs Gabbie are  annoyed that Johnson and Aleisha flipped on Drew, to save themselves.  

Reggie wakes up feeling vulnerable and missing her kids, Gabbie and BB comfort her.

For the house task, each HM stands behind a row of buzzers where they have a 50/50 chance of winning a real prize or a booby prize. The lucky prize is a reward, while the booby prize is a punishment. 

Wins – Gabbie a pamper pack, Jaycee  a video call home, Aleisha a coffee basket, Brenton a call home, Tim a guest pass to HOH suite, Estelle time with a miniature pony and Reggie a photo album of loved ones. Taras is the only one to pick wrong and sits out of Noms challenge.

BB announces special dinner  to celebrate the final HOH vote. There’s a  spinning wheel and a Lebanese feast in the garden. But the table is only set for five. It all comes down to a spin of Lucky Wheel. HOH Jaycee spins the wheel to decide! Estelle, Johnson, Gabbie, Brenton and Jaycee get lucky.

Unlucky HMs are served a bowl of hummus and cold bread in the diary room, but their luck soon changes when BB announces the four of them will decide final HOH.  They form a secret ‘Unlucky Housemate Pact’ and agree to never vote each other . Tim is chosen the final HOH.

Johnson enjoys the spa date he won earlier today with Aleisha.  While sipping champagne, Aleisha tells Johnson about the ‘unlucky’ pact the four housemates made earlier.

Noms challenge – In pairs, one HM is the ‘hunter’, the other is ‘Climber’. Hunters are connected to a heavy weight as they hunt for keys hidden in a sandpit to be delivered to the Climber to unlock 9 flags positioned high up on a pole. Tim and Gabbie win. They nominate – Aleisha, Jaycee and Johnson call it #justicefordrew

An emotional eviction room sees tears and heartache with Jaycee telling the room that he doesn’t want to be here anymore because Big Brother is Johnson’s dream and Aleisha’s new family.

Johnson counters Jaycee’s speech saying he was taught to fight for things in life and that’s what Jaycee needs to do, he needs to fight for his rightful place in the House and now is not the time to give up!  Aleisha can’t control her emotions in the Diary Room and is in floods of tears, as she struggles to know which of her best friends to place her point on.

In the end, Jaycee’s time is up with 5 votes to Johnson’s 2. Aleisha receives zero.


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