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Big Brother 15

15 new housemates enter the Big Brother Australia house

Big Brother Australia kicked off its new season tonight on Channel 7 and 7plus, with 15 new housemates entering the Big Brother house, but they quickly discovered that not everything was as expected.

Pilates instructor Annelise and lighting designer Dion arrived first, as host Sonia Kruger revealed they would have to choose between one of two doors. Winning a game of rock, paper, scissors, Dion entered the luxurious Big Brother house while Annelise’s door led to the rickety BB Express train.

Sheep farmer and single mum, Taylah, and carpenter Jake were next to board the train, while traction linesman Josh and Mineé the model entered the house.

Also heading to the house were sisters Tay and Ari, playing as one housemate, while four others found themselves on the train ride from hell.

As sparks flew from the moment Tay and Josh locked eyes in the house, the train’s housemates were served cheap wine and sweaty cheese cubes on a jolting carriage, with baggage falling on them from above. They discovered their journey to the house would take a little longer: they had to stay onboard overnight and sleep in their clothes on sticky train seats, or – in Lewis’ case – the floor.

Annelise struggled on board, complaining constantly about Dion and how he didn’t let her choose the door she wanted.

To save the passengers on the train, the housemates already in the house were given the task of pulling a lever whenever a whistle blew, choosing one person to join them each time. Jake, Taylah and luxury fashion manager AnnaSophia all then entered the house. 

As the BB Express train ran out of steam, the housemates were asked to share their steamiest stories to get the four remaining passengers to the house, revealing that AnnaSophia liked Lewis, Josh and Tay were vibing each other and Ari liked Jake… news that shocked Mineé who had her eye on Jake, but also Louis on the train!  

Once all Housemates were finally in the house, they voted Josh and Tay the “King and Queen”, granting them access to a private suite. In the royal bed, as the lights turned off, Josh and Tay had their first, very intimate and very passionate kiss.

Tomorrow on Big Brother: sparks fly in the house before the first challenge, and nominations and eviction hit the housemates.


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