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Big Brother 15

Big Brother Australia evicts first housemate

Love was in the air as the house’s “King and Queen”, Josh and Ari, woke up in each other’s arms and shared the news of their first kiss with their fellow housemates, while Lewis whipped up a special breakfast for AnnaSophia.

Confused by his love square, Jake struggled to choose between Annalise, Mineé and Ari.

The “Forgotten Four” housemates of Louis, Annelise, Luke and Lewis – who were last to leave the Big Brother express train – competed in the first nominations challenge. The winner gained the ability to nominate three housemates for eviction.

At the challenge in the Big Brother basement the “Forgotten Four” spun like corkscrews to release a sack of balls down a slip’n’slide, with the first person to roll their balls in a hole winning. After a tight race between Luke and Annelise, Luke emerged victorious.

Luke questioned everyone on why they deserve to stay. Quan and Zach admitted they had not made enough effort to get to know everyone yet, while Dion told a moving story about his mother and giving back to her. Luke nominated Zach, Quan and Jake. 

For the first time ever, Sonia Kruger hosted the eviction from inside the house. In the hot seat, Quan annoyed everyone, revealing she didn’t think the train experience was a big deal. Zach confessed the girls intimidate him and Jake shared an impassioned speech to stay.

With seven votes, Quan became the first evictee and left the Big Brother house.

Tomorrow on Big Brother: Jake is still caught in his love square, while the housemates compete in their first shopping task.


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