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Big Brother Australia

It’s one out, one back in as White Room twist concludes

With the grand finale edging ever closer, today’s episode saw one housemate leave the game for good, and another return to the game.

The episode started with another house task, where housemates had to stand for an hour waiting on tennis balls being randomly served to them by a machine. Return the service and the house would win a $1,000 shopping budget but of course there’s no such thing as a free lunch when it comes to Big Brother, with the boss subtracting $10 for every missed serve.

Housemates managed to bag $400 to spend on shopping which included a $50 call home, Sarah quickly jumped on in order to call her mum.

Next up was the nomination challenge, where housemates had to fire coloured balls at baskets belonging to their fellow housemates. Once a housemate amassed 5 balls in their basket, they were out of the challenge. Last housemate standing with fewer than 5 balls was the winner, with Mat clutching the win.

However, there was no eviction today, owing to the conclusion of the White Room twist, and Mat was told he has won a yet to be revealed power which BB stated would influence the future of the game.

As the veil was lifter on the White Room, housemates watched on as, Kieran and Sophie were instructed to spectate the screen where an amount of money would gradually increase over 60 seconds. They were told that either could press a red button in front of them at any point within the 60 seconds. Whoever pressed first would keep the money but leave the Big Brother house, and subsequently the game, for good. The other housemate would return and be in with a chance of winning the remaining prize fund. If neither pressed the button, the power would be handed to their fellow housemates and the winner of the latest challenge. The money they took would be deducted from the overall prize fund.

Kieran chose to press the button, just before the 60 seconds was up, taking home $15,344 from the main prize fund and exiting the game. That meant Sophie returned to the house, although not everyone was pleased to see her.

Next week is finale week, who wins? You decide! Tune in to Seven at 7.30pm on Monday to see how it all goes down.


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